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how to speed up tablet Performance 7 years ago

How to speed up your Android tablet: Improve the Performance of Android Tablet using this post trick Give your tablet a new lease of life! So, Read Carefully If you want to speed up your Android Tablet Your tablet is Slow because of Ram Storage But the good news is, you can maintain the fast performance of your tablet by applying this tricks on your android tablet. Android tablet system is not different from the Smartphone but if you don’t pay attention to it or take care of it properly, it’ll eventually become less useful.

How to speed up Android: Delete unused apps

Getting old sucks. We slow down, simple tasks take a little longer and new generations threaten to take our place. Just like us, Android tablets can become less responsive as they get older. Maybe they take a few extra seconds to load an app or start stuttering and pausing more than they used to. The good news is with a few tweaks, we can give your tablet a new lease of life.


You probably don’t even notice, but every time you press the Home button or open the app drawer, for example, you’ll see an animation like a crossfade or zoom. They may look nice, but they can make your phone feel a bit on the slow side.

To reduce animation times, go to Settings > About and tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times to unlock Developer Mode. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a developer; anyone can do this! Go back to Settings and open Developer Mode, then scroll down until you see Window, Transition and Animator Duration Scale settings. Select each one and return the animation scale to .5x.

How to speed up Android: Reboot It's the classic 'have you tried turning it off and on again' but it really does still work for most technology. A good old fashioned reboot is likely to help you out if things are feeling sluggish, at least for a while. If it only sorts out the problem briefly then you'll need to take more drastic action.

Turn off Maps in Android Tablet

when you open your tablet, your map application will be running especially if your device is connected to the internet. If you have GPS on your tablet, that’s worse part. it consumes battery so much of your device and your Phone ram is running every single second and that means after an hour your tablet started heating. The reason behind is Resistance in your ram(Processor). So, stop the background Maps process in your tablet.

Clear Caches in Android Tablet

As you use your device, data caches build up and can start to slow down the tablet’s software. Sometimes a good spring clean is in order so it’s a good idea to delete these caches every now and then. You can delete individual caches via the Apps menu in Settings or, more conveniently, use one of the popular (and free) apps such as Clean Master, CCleaner, and App Cache Cleaner which are available to download from the Google Play Store.

How to speed up Android: Factory reset

If all this method gets fails then we recommend trying a complete factory reset of your Android Tablet or Devices. It's not ideal but a clean slate might be just what you need if you really can't figure out why your Android device is so slow. You'll need to re-download apps and the like and make sure you backup any data, such as photos, that you don't want to be gone forever.

These are just a few ways to help to improve the Performance of Android tablet but if you have any favorite tips or tricks we missed out, let us know in the comments.